PSA Bartending

What do we offer?



Mixology Courses

Begin your journey of mastering the craft of the cocktail with our mixology course. Learn how to handle the bar from set up, cocktail technique, and wine and beer basics.

Note: Our mixology course does not use alcohol for cocktail exercises and is available for anyone aged 18+.


Bartending Certifications

Become a certified bartender in a day! We partner with TiPS (Training for Intervention Procedures), the global leader in training and education on the sale and service of alcohol to teach you everything you need to know before you step behind the bar.


Event Services

For a professional bartender you can trust, look no farther. PSA has you covered from arrival to the end of the night. Our staff has served at galas, weddings, receptions, conferences, happy hours, cocktail parties of all sizes and more! Rest easy with a PSA Bartender at your next event.