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We’re Happy You’re Interested!

To learn more about the application timeline, please check Penn Student Agencies’ hiring timeline. Application rounds typically open at the start of each semester.

For eligibility requirements, see below.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Current Penn Student (Grad or Undergrad)

    • Currently, we can only employ students that attend the University of Pennsylvania.

  • TiPS Certification

    • We offer TiPS certification courses at least once each semester. If you are unable to make these dates, reach out to us for alternative options.

  • Mixology Experience

    • Either through our mixology course or through previous bartending experience at an outside bar.

      • We consider previous barista experience as acceptable experience.

  • Bartending Exam

    • We administer a comprehensive bartending exam to all prospective hires. The passing score on our exam is 90%.

    • Click here to learn more about the bartending exam. (Coming Soon)