"Named after the space-battleship constructed under Ronal Reagan's infamous Star Wars Program, USSMars crafts music that is equally appropriate for wartime as it is for dancetime. We are a five-piece (vocals/lead guitar, bass, keys, drums, sax) progressive rock band with varying influences, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to James Brown to My Bloody Valentine. We have been together since Fall of 2012. Approximately 60-90 minutes of material as of now." 



Jack LaViolette

"Solo jazz piano. My biggest stylistic influence is Bill Evans, but I draw from earlier, more traditional musicians (Fats Waller, Jellyroll Morton, Oscar Peterson) as well as others from the post-bop/modal period (McCoy Tyner, Coltrane, Miles). My repertoire includes jazz compositions by Bill Evans, John Coltrane and the like, as well as songs from the classic American songbook—Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Summertime, My Romance—and a few pop-ier interpretations (the Beatles, for instance)."


Greg Favreau

"I am a soloist whose performances focus on improvisational Jazz with both classical and contemporary influences, have been trained in classical piano for over 10 years, privately taught in improvisational Jazz for over four years, and have performed through various mediums consistently for the past six years.  With a playing scope ranging from classical solos and choral accompaniments to big band Jazz and other modern groups, my eclectic, light, fluid playing provides an excellent atmosphere for most to all semi formal and formal events."



Jason Rosenbaum AKA Bracha

"I'm a DJ from Los Angeles studying at the University of Pennsylvania. I began DJing and producing original electronic music in my senior year of high school after studying guitar and piano since the age of 12. I have performed at numerous events around Philadelphia, including club nights at Rumour, and events at Azure Lounge, Hibachi, The Kimmel Center, The Waterview Lounge, and other. My DJing repertoire is very flexible, ranging from hip hop to electro and house to pop to classic rock, with an emphasis on all electronic styles. I adapt to the needs of the crowd and cater my sets to the specific audience."


Greg Favreau and Isaac Silber

"We are a jazz duo that met freshman year at Penn. We have had extensive training in jazz piano and percussion, respectfully. We perform improv, selections from our repertoire, and advance requests."